Friday, February 14, 2014

25 Reasons Why My Teens Are Freaking Out These Days...

25 Reasons Why My Teen(s) Are Freaking Out These Days...
1. Her socks match, because they shouldn’t.

               2. His shirt has a tag on it.

3. They are hungry, but can’t stop their electronics to feed themselves.

4. Someone touched them.

5. Someone looked at them funny.

6. Their hair isn’t perfect.

7. They have zits, but don’t want to wash their faces.

8. We don’t understand what they say.

9. We don’t listen, ever. J

10. They can’t remember their passwords.

11. They have homework.

12. They have chores and none of their friends have to do chores!

13. Their siblings stink.

14. They hate pizza or anything green.

15. They hate the yellow gummi vitamins.

16. Everything is wrong with their clothes.

17. I asked them questions.

18. Their little sister is a pain because she talks to them and touches them.

19. The dog pees when they pet him before he goes out and they have to clean it up.

20. Amazon movies buffer too much when there is a SNOW storm going on.

21. They lost their electronics because their grades suck and it is a house rule.

22. They forgot to plug in their electronics when their grades are up.

23. We make them dress nicer for church.

24. We embarrass them because we are adults.

25. Simply, because they are teens.
Aaahhh, I love these years!  I love my teens. Happy Valentines Day and let your teens know you love them....I did....oh, I guess that makes 26.  



Dee said...

Teens are unique...I survived mine somehow.:)

T.J. Ellis said...

I remember those days, it can be hard, but you will miss it down the road! Blessings Val!

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