Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Support System

I've driven by these trees a number of times.  I love how they speak to me.

A farmer saves the tree from the cattle eating the bark and making the tree vulnerable....destroying the tree by the very foundation exposed - the foundation of it's life.
  • God surrounds us with His protection, much the same as the dead tree posts protecting these live trees.
  • The protection from outside influences is being demonstrated.
  • God's protection keeps the tender areas of our life safe from the harms of the world, those wanting to destroy us with evil exposures.
How like the tree are you?  Do you let outside influences of Satan chew at your foundation?  Do you have a "worldly" barrier?

God sent his son, Jesus, to save us through his son's sacrifice on a cross of wood.  Giving us salvation that we may have a support system, our protection while on this earthly place with the offering of eternal life...ours for the asking, ours for repentance of sins and acceptance of Christ.   So simple...so complex.

What a comfort to know I have this support system of safe haven on my tree base/stem that allows me to be fruitful in my life of service to God.  A partnership, as I can't do it alone. 

Having that protection - being held up ensures our future of salvation.  We all need it - do you see it in your life?

Things that God has holding my tree in place:
  • Love of my family.
  • Gifts of work satisfaction and the blessing of a job.
  • Church family, real family.
  • Community that cares.
  • Faith of my daily walk.
  • The tests of life that keep me grounded, growing and safe.
  • Purity of Christ's love.
The tree of support - I hope you have one in your life too!

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Dee said...

Insightful post..... I have a strong foundation finally...there was a time the devil was biting out chunks of my tree base...but no longer because of Grace and the Lords faithfulness to me.

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