Friday, September 19, 2014

Tobias 2014

Love this boy….he is my son….
I love his soft brown eyes. 
His kindness can be humbling.
He is a teenager, walking the path of life.
Dear Heavenly Father – thank you for bringing this son to us through the gift of adoption. 
We cherish him greatly.  So long ago he was but a tiny boy, clinging to my neck. 
Now he is growing toward manhood, looking for his path in life.
He has dedicated his life to Christ and is working hard at keeping his path weed free. 
Keep him safe from the worldly temptations around him.
Let others see his kindness and awesome heart. 
Help our giving child grow into someone who will make the world a better place. 
Take his gifts and show him how to use them to your glory. 
Give him strength when weak times knock. 
Let him always know how loved he is! 
Thank you for the gift of Tobias.

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