Monday, April 18, 2016

The Fake Birthday

 She was stressing out the other day, as only an 8 year old can.  Kids having birthday parties in school, get to have a special straw hidden that they then find.  So, since she is a summer birthday – she wasn’t getting in on this birthday tradition as the school year went on.  So, as school is winding down, we are encouraged to have a “fake” birthday party if we like, bring food and she gets to find her straw.  Luckily her Dad was off today, so he took the treats to school, as the awesome Dad he is – so she could feel the special-ness of having a “fake” birthday straw hunt.
As I was reflecting on all this, it dawned on me, she wants for nothing, has all the love and possessions she needs to be satisfied for a child her age.  BUT the rewards of being amongst peers, recognition and fair treatment are motivators for her in such big ways.  A simply Birthday Straw motivated her to bound out of bed with excitement on a Monday morning, when we usually drag our feet at the beginning of the week….because it was special.
I bet God watches us and wonders too why we aren’t bounding out of bed daily, for that special sunrise he gives us every day, many of us take it for granted, as well the gift of salvation – his son Jesus – the Birthday Straw in our lives that should give us new energy, a reward that is ours, simply for the asking.  Many seek this "Birthday Straw" and never find it.   How many times do we just go on our busy way, forgetting those little things….those things that matter the most.

This 8 year old – she teaches me something new in life every day.  A wonder of creativity with a learning disability that is such a beautiful unique creation, and God picked us – he gave us this Birthday Straw girl – when we too had everything we needed to be satisfied, he gave us her through the beautiful gift of adoption….because he knew we’d need some “fake” birthday’s in our lives.  He knew we’d need that one more child to fill our vessel of blessings with a smidgeon of challenge so we wouldn’t be bored in our older aging life….. 

Thank you.  My cup is full.  My straw is awesome!

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