Sunday, September 26, 2010


I found this trash receptacle at a hotel I stayed at recently while away on business.  Usually in the U.S. of A. you don't see the word "rubbish" - to me that would be more Canadian or definitely more England prone verbiage. "Trash" is what it is called in the Midwest we reside in.

Right now - it reflects some of the stress we are experiencing.  Steve was "let go" after 25 years of dedication and service....replaced by a "younger" less costly version of company tactics.  Kansas has a law that they can fire you at will if they don't like the color of your here we are.  I know God has better plans for him and I'm just sorry that he didn't leave them first.....I could vent for days but won't - I'll try to look at the positive that this will be.  Some day that company's CEO will sit at the feet of Jesus and explain his actions there.  Enough said.  So, after 25 years of hard work and overtime on demand.....he can now cook for me daily!  He can clean the house!  He can run children errands....tomorrow it is off to the Orthodontist with one kiddo, etc.  He can rest his mind and weary body to rejuvenate  himself for the next step God has planned in his life.  I love and admire him greatly as he turns a new page in his life.  Pray for him friends.....pray for all of us!

The children asked...."so does this mean we'll be home schooled?"  Lord, we aren't ready for that!  Trust me...we have public schools for a reason and their names are our children! lol  Tobias, my golden hearted child offered us his allowance savings...bless him.  We won't rob them just yet I promised him!  We have many blessings to count, many!

I know we are but a statistic in this world we live in and that many have experienced or are experiencing unemployment.  So I'll humbly take to my knees and pray for all the world, as there are worse things out there and this too shall pass.
For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11 NIV

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