Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Shake, Rattle and Roll!

Shake, Rattle n Roll Van
OK, our Honda Odyssey is hitting the 260,000 miles mark.  We’ve loved this van but lately it has developed a quirk.  You see, what we believe is happening is there is a small short between the brake pedal that causes the electrical portion to have amnesia occasionally.  What that translates to is….the vehicle will be running, but we’ve NO lights on the column and the ability to shift into drive or reverse is GONE.  Yup, just sitting there using gas and not going anywhere.  Our side doors are electric only as well and they don’t open or close when this happens either….was tough when 80 plus year old Grandma was in the van and the kids just told her “Just hop over and go out the passenger door!”  NOT gonna happen.
So, the first time this happened to me was when I was in my friends driveway….I was SOOOO embarrassed and no one was around, I didn’t have a CLUE what to do….so some type of non-mechanical instinct took over and I opened my driver’s door, stood up and pushed in anger against the vehicle….the lights popped on and I was able to back out and drive away.  I didn’t tell my husband.  Not sure why, but just didn’t.  Weeks go by.  Hubby goes somewhere and has the same problem….ooops.  He calls me, I tell him “get out and shake the vehicle.”  It works again….he was like “how did you know to do that?”  Hmmm – divine intervention and I didn’t even call Click and Clack!
So, after numerous more times of getting out and shaking it – seeing the lights come on, jumping back in, then they disappear before I can get it in gear….repeat….we learned as a family we can all sit in the van and shake forward/back, jump up and down and the lights pop on again.  Yaahhh!  So…if you are out there and wonder what is wrong with that family in the white van……we are just a rockin’ n rollin’ down the road of life!  This Sunday when it happened in the church parking lot, the boys broke out singing "Shake, Rattle and Roll, Shake, Rattle and Roll"  Too funny!

When life gives you lemons….make lemonade!  We have gallons of lemonade so come on over.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Proud of You!

Proud of You!
Proud of you.  You didn’t pick up GPA awards, you didn’t get a Citizens Award or outstanding this or that.  You sat there and clapped for the many classmates that picked up award after award…but they didn’t ask me, because I’d give you award after award that despite the rocky year of 8th grade – you survived. You made it. Not always your best but…you MADE IT and I love you no matter what.  I’d much rather you receive the award of going heavenward in your life someday than any paper mankind could give you.  That is the reward that will mean the most because then I’ll know that Christ is center in your life.
I’m proud to be called your Mom and I will support and push you through the next 4 years of school because there is life after High School and it can be your dream to do whatever you want….you are smart, funny, talented, kind hearted and I am blessed to be in your life and call you my son.  Even when I’m grumpy, yelling or angry at the last thing you may have destroyed or lied to me about, I’m still there for you and will be. 
So – using some of the words from Laura Story’s Blessings my prayer for you is may your blessings come through raindrops and your healing come through tears and that if it takes a thousand sleepness nights to know God is here so be it.  When friends betray you, when darkness seems to close in and you are aching of this life, these storms and hardest things are mercies in disguise.  Amen.

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