Thursday, August 27, 2015

Morning Smile

She makes me smile. 

Some mornings are such a push - this was a welcome spirit lifter to watch her brush her teeth this way.  Hope it made someone out there smile....just a little.  Have a great week!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Last but not least...

Then there is this ornery guy - off to Community College.  Hoping for a great year with prayers for safe travel as he lives at home and commutes!
Well, the kids are all back in school – I’d say this summer went fairly well, it truly helped that the teens had jobs to help keep them out of trouble – despite trouble always finding them, or vice versa.

I feel a little sad – summer nights and hot days spending at the local pool slip away into routine and earlier bed times. We get the joy of getting everyone registered for their respective school which equates to chunks of money out the door.  New shoes purchased, books and supplies as well – doesn’t feel much like free education when we are supplying tissues and food snacks besides all the regular items you’d expect.  Next year we will probably have to supply their own toilet paper too!

Half the year of 2015 is suddenly gone.  My kiddos are all getting older, outgrowing things and showing more maturity….well, that is a lie, it is more like 3 steps forward, 2 back – but we are slowly getting there.  Day before school all three teens had lost their phones for various reasons, one lost keys to a mode of transportation and the other is seriously grounded.  Yes, this sometimes is still the norm, despite them knowing better – I remind myself they are teens.  For some reason, I just wish they’d be more like Steve in his teen years, yet God continues to bless me that they are closer to me in their rowdy choices.  Payback?  I hear my Mom saying “someday I hope you have children just like you!” I think her wish came true – but don’t tell the kids.  The mischief looks different, but it is still the same as they spread their wings, pull at the apron strings and try to get free.

I’ve heard more about how “hot” girls look – despite me telling them they don’t consider that a compliment! Or how great their butts are – EXCUSE ME HERE, YOUR MOTHER CAN HEAR YOU!  Or how cute he is, “swoon.”  “Not hard on the eyes,” etc.  Yup – teens.  I smile on the inside....reminding myself I too was once a teen….and I don’t wish for a minute to relive any of it.  I recently ran into a close friend from those teen years who reminded me how we’d two and three ride on a small Honda 50, getting off and standing on the country road side staring at clouds if a vehicle came along, lest some cute guys saw us three gals all riding together in a very not cool way…..  Appearances that we thought mattered, that didn’t.  We just didn’t know it.  So, I see my kiddos dealing with the very same……wishing my wisdom on the issues could seep into their brains, to no avail.

The mornings have a slight crispness, the season will be changing.  And so I will embrace this school year – pray for less drama – will suck it up and go.  I’ll not long much for the days past, but embrace the days forward and rise to this season of parenting as we chart new waters again.  Here we go. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

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