Tuesday, July 19, 2016

My Pokeman Go Weigh In....

OK – I’m annoyed so I’m venting – my Pokeman vent therapy.
When I first heard about Pokeman Go – the game on your devise, using GPS, I thought….nah.  Some people immediately bashed it publicly on facebook, etc, etc.  I just read, listened and observed.  Then our OWN city, declared no one should be out after dark playing this game, due to recent burglaries where guns were stolen, don’t trespass on private property, you could be in danger, etc etc. 

So, my 18 year old son admits – he is playing the game.  He says, Mom – you should play it too!  I said show it to me.  So he showed me it, I downloaded it and started to play in the house only at first.  I’ll admit, it was fun.

Then last Saturday night my son convinces me to go on a walk – the weather was nice, yes it was after dark but we’d walk city streets and I was an adult.  We headed out.  What I learned was, there are many aspects to the game and getting out and moving around (we walked over 2 miles) was fun.  You don’t have to go on any private property, most things can be accessed on sidewalks near buildings like churches, post offices, etc. 

I saw the news article about kids leaving trash at a Veterans memorial due to Pokeman Go.  I think that is sad….but I’m also guessing more people have visited it in the last week than the last year, but that doesn’t justify leaving trash! 

They warn about not doing it while driving.  Like texting and driving – it shouldn’t be done.  Will some people do it – yes.  That said, like anything, all things are a choice whether you do it or not it isn’t the games fault.  Every time it launches up, it gives you a warning to be aware of your surroundings.

Like all things – you can use it for good or bad – you can litter or not litter, you can play Pokeman Go safely and for fun – or you can take risks.  Also, this is a GAME.  Kids play games - this isn't drugs or alcohol - it is an app and a game!  Kids have played games for years - this one actually has kids more excited and active and talking with each other vs just texting sitting at home or in front of a TV!

Last week I read of a lady who was taking a selfie at the Grand Canyon and stepped backwards and fell to her death.  We all takes risks every day in many ways.  Just getting in my car and driving to work is a risk. 

What I know is it has given me and my son (and now husband and daughter) something to do together, today my hubby got out and walked a mile on his own early this morning.  I’ve walked more and it is fun!  For however long this fad lasts…..enjoy it if you like to play games!  

I read these positives posted the other day on Pokeman Go:
 1) People who are obese are actually going and walking.
2) Soldiers with PTSD whom have not been out of their houses in years are coming out.

3) It is showing positive results in helping people with depression.
4) It is helping young kids with social disorders because of disabilities such as Aspergers, Down Syndrome, and Autism to go out and interact with kids their own age. Some of which had never successfully interacted with other children at all.
5) Some families are saying this is a group activity that has brought them closer.
6) People who love games have found a game where they are actually out, socializing, and not sitting at home in front of a computer or a TV. This is something similar to geocaching, which is an amazing concept. 

I remember when Harry Potter came out and people all freaked out calling it evil, demon possessed, witch craft, etc……instead of judging it without knowing, I picked up the first book from the library and read it.  I loved it for what it was – creative, targeted towards an 11 year old audience reader and a good read….I then read every one as they came out.  Same goes with Pokeman Go – if you haven’t tried the game – don’t judge it.  It really is fun, while not for everyone, realize it has positive benefits.  Bambi advise “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all!”

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