Tuesday, September 30, 2008

3 Generations of love...

Three generations made possible….
No one knows what tomorrow will bring – but as I look at this picture of my Mom, Sophia and me as well as the folks and all our children – it gives me hope that I didn’t have during my 16 years of barrenness for tomorrow. Hope of generations to come – someone to pass on my sentimental memories by way of old things. Someone to make new traditions with and keep some of the old. As we work to finalize Sophia’s adoption, life is exciting and full of joy mixed with the sorrows we can’t prevent in the painful world around us.

I vow to shield my children when needed, to allow my children to grown, to honor them in ways that build them up, to be there when the world tears them down, to show them the sunshine in the world, so show them to lend a helping hand to those around them, to show them they can make a difference, to hold them when they need holding, to let them go when they need to run, to be there when they return unquestioned, to rejoice in successes and learn from mistakes, to allow them to make mistakes, to show them I make mistakes with the words “I’m sorry,” to let them be children…..and so much more my heart cannot find the words to express. Oh beloved children – you move and change me beyond the words God can provide me as a human.

Monday, September 29, 2008

These are a few of my favourite things...

These are a few of my favourite things….

Red Rose Tea, Coffee Crisp Candy Bars and Old Dutch Salt & Vinegar Chips – only in Canada , Eh?! Exporters are Grandma and Grandpa Schapansky this fall weekend. A much loved memory they delivered was the child’s hutch for Sophia – was my Mom’s growing up, mine growing up, my niece Joanne’s while she grew up and now will be Sophia’s. Good coffee (Steve always makes it) and fellowship over the weekend. The boys are so excited to have our long distance Grandparents here – my folks. They got in on: Santa Fe Days, First Flag Football game, church & church carnival and lots of hugs/kisses. When they leave – it always feels extra lonely for me for a few days. Something in the heart longs to go back North with them, then someone tugs on my pant leg and reminds me my life here is pretty grand and purpose filled.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Oh the laundry!

Oh the laundry! Oh the laundry! Oh the laundry!

Fridays are “haul it” days. This week we started early pending our weekend guests. The boys are great helpers in gathering up the dirty clothes and hauling them to the laundry room – they even sort it (OK I resort after they run off!). It seems like it takes all weekend to get the laundry done. Laundry isn’t hard –it’s just time consuming. I hate to fold the whites load so that is the one load I announce “the whites load is ready” when done in the dryer, then the boys and Steve haul it to the sectional to sort/fold it. Sometimes Sophia wanders over and sits in the gross dirty laundry happily contented to explore it all including the shoes left there. The boys used to hide in it like a pile of leaves – that is until I reminded them their underwear was in it! These days they giggle or exchange funny looks when they sort my undies, which might be better than when they’d put them on their heads! My Dove chocolate advise for today is:
Happiness is contagious - so true!

Child of mine I love you!

~Child of my angst~

Dearest son if I could erase the pain of yesterday for you I would. What happened those first two years that eats away at you? Outside you are so fun, loving, open, giving, talented and tender hearted – inside something fights to get out. Will the better years of your life not let you release the stress of the first two of your life? What was that womb life like? How can I help you? Your fingers pain me more than the over biting might hurt you – they are a release I can’t take away from you, as much as I’d like you to be free from chewing them. So I’ll continue to hold your hands and heart – and when I get exasperated at the destructiveness, I’ll pray harder for my patience and your delivery. I love you forever! ~Your Mom



I gave this tag to hubby Steve for Christmas and he wouldn’t put it on his van – he was embarrassed! He loves “Smallville” and so do I. We are “Superman” fans. When we sold his van, he took my van and we bought a “commuter” car that does better on gas mileage for me (as I drive further to work) – I decided to host the “Superman” tag with pride! What woman wouldn’t love a handsome man in tights who rescues women from peril? Fighting evil with good – while he contradicts my pacifist stand, I still say “bravo” for the heroics he does. I realize fiction vs. reality is different as I am a grounded person. Jesus is truly my “Superman” as he rescues me daily from myself! He is there for me no matter what and has the ability to lift me up. He performs miracles time and time again and my trust in Him is complete. So watch out for the lady in the tin can with the Superman tag – I’m driving with confidence, knowing I’ve wings and a cape over me!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Who needs Dr Phil?

Who needs Dr Phil when you have Dove Almond Dark Chocolates?
Each one gives you advice for a lot less!
Dove Chocolate#1: Give yourself a break - you deserve it!
Dove Chocolate #2: Happiness is contagious.
Dove Chocolate #3: Life may change us, but we start and end with family.
Dove Chocolate #4: Take a moment just for yourself today.
and Dove Chocolate #5: Stretch your body, stretch your mind.

Outhouse Life

Sometimes out on my job I come across an outhouse or two. They fascinate me and make me ponder thoughts of days gone by. I always wanted to do outhouse digs! I also remember the Willems family we’d visit near Brandon when growing up in the 70’s – they had a nice white washed outhouse and how interesting it was to use their outhouse – it was a two seater with standard toilet seat lids. I’d look down into them with gross interest. Also at Moose Lake, Opa and Oma’s cabin had an outhouse down the mossy lane – I’d run quickly for fear of the bears getting me – and it was smelly! Do we realize in our fast paced life just how much things have changed? What will our children remember with sentiment or relief of change? Why did God create us for making changes? When I hear people who are “trying to slow down in life” I wonder when did we speed up so much? “Slow down and smell the roses” – who does that anymore? Like my outhouses – life has moved us into a faster flush and some people’s life jackets barely keep them afloat. I’m happy with my modern amenities – but the old still draws me in to take a look and remember when….

Ode to Summer Gone!

Cheyenne Mt Zoo Crew!

Me and my Gnomes.

Sophia dear Sophia!

Gotta love that Dadddy who puts "things" together for us!

Bounce bounce bounce!Who is that skinny dude? TAnthony brrrrrrr the water is cold!We love our new little sister sooooo much! An answer to prayer, a blessing of life!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Tobias's Rocks

Sweet Tobias has a thing for rocks - he picks them up where ever he wanders. He used to fuss that I wanted to throw them back outside - so I started to save them for him. Inevitably they are in his pockets and I wash his clothes finding the rocks in the bottom of my washer. I've saved them all and some day when he graduates from High School, I'll put them all in a jar to show. They are each individual, just like my children - each one has its own character, beauty and life. They also remind me of life's simplicity. Sigh....my sweet Tobias, always teaching me new things.

rocks in my washer

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