Friday, November 15, 2013

Gummie Bears

OK – I hesitate on this post but here goes….

To help supplement our income, my husband and I after USING and LOVING certain health products delved into a business venture.  It has taught us a lot about ourselves and people.  I could write a whole line about open mindedness vs close-mindedness but won’t go there.
I wanted to share about these Gummie Vitaimin Bears. 

They look harmless.  They are a part of a new line for children.  I’m a HUGE vitamin supporter because I know not everyone (especially me!) and certainly not my kids get the nutrients they need from foods they eat.  So I was excited that these Gummie Bears are made with 23 good vitamins and not sugar loaded. 

So every morning I set out the kids vitamins for the start of the day.  I absolutely rolled on the floor laughing when they tried these and exclaimed “they taste like poop!” Faces contorted and one went to try to spit it out and I wouldn’t let him.  Literally cracked me up.  You see they’ve been eating the over the counter Walmart version in little cars. Not the best quality ones.
Day 2 of them they asked “do we have to eat them?” I said yes, declaring it takes 21 days to make a habit and get used to something and they had to give these a chance.  I explained they are “better” in quality and health benefits for them.  They listened.

Every day they continued to eat them.  The whining got less and less.
We are about to finish our third bottle and I don’t hear any complaints anymore.  See, they got used to them and even fight for the red ones. J  Change is good.

So – I’m excited that we’ll have a healthier winter and maybe ward off a few bugs or recover faster.  We run a healthy bunch of kids….every now and then those viruses catch us….but that said my kids aren’t nearly as sick as some of their friends.  Yahoo for vitamins.  If you want to try them or some of our other products, message me or go shop on our personal link:  Just make sure you see my name as your shop consultant:  Valerie Belknap and set up a login/account.  Anything you buy through our link benefits us.  Thanks and stay healthy however you do it!

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