Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Morning Fog

This morning was foggy. Very foggy, sometimes my driving visibility wasn’t very good. I’ve blogged on fog before, but doing it again in a different way. I love fog. I pulled off and shot this picture before the sun came out and chased all the fog away. Within a few seconds it changed. I loved the road, the trees and how the fog seemed trapped. I half expected a horse to ride out of this fog at me with a rider from the past on his back….don’t know why, it just made me feel like I was back in olden days….like I’d be holding a Canon camera vs. just a canon and jumping back into a minivan no less vs. a horse!

Sometimes the fog creates fear thoughts in me. “I hope people see my vehicle/me and are driving safe!” “Accidents happen in broad daylight, let alone poor visibility.” “What if a vehicle is slow or stopped and I come up on it too quickly” “What is a safe speed without being a danger to people coming up behind me?” - As you can see, my mind attacks me with these thoughts and more. It is fear based thinking.

Then the optimistic side of me is fighting the fear going: “I should stop and take pictures – it is so beautiful.” “I just want to sit under a tree and watch the fog!” “Ooohhh, that tree in the fog is awesome!” “Look how is hangs in the fields like a quilt covering God’s beauty” “It is moist and giving to the plants and animals in this dry time.” “Gonna stop – have to take pictures!” And you get the idea……

The voices within us are our humanness – we always have the choice to listen to the good or the fear. Sometimes we need to have both to balance us and let us chose the right way. While the fear based questions are valid, I have to not be consumed by them and they give me the caution with direction I need in life. I like when the good thoughts overcome my fears and liken that to the Holy Spirit directing my paths. Recently one of my children had to make a choice between the right / wrong choices in life and sadly they chose to listen to the “wrong” voice. As a parent the struggle is to allow the natural consequences to kick in so the lesson you hope they will learn helps them make the better choice the next time….as daily we have choices to make on right or wrong. Those options never go away as we walk the path in life, sometimes in the fog!

Psalm 23:3 New International Version (NIV)

3. he refreshes my soul.

He guides me along the right paths

for his name’s sake.

Yup – says it all!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Unsung Volunteer

See this guy, he is amazing.  Why?  Because he is selfless – he is a volunteer.  For years I’ve seen Lyle filming games – he told me many people think he is paid, but he isn’t.  He uses his own gas and volunteers countless hours every year filming sports footage for the schools.  Last week he was in Sedgwick, this week he traveled clear to Berean and again also was at the home game.  He has a day job too – so his days are long when he does this in the evening on top of a long work day, sometimes his arthritis bothers him more than other times, but he is dedicated for sure.  He’s done this for YEARS folks and I mean YEARS!  He's has three children graduate from the High School and his grands are starting to come up through the grade school now too.  Some students have tried on occasion to do the filming but get bored with it or don't film it as well / steady and aren't as reliable as Lyle.  Oh, Lyle may be rewarded with a gift card or two once in awhile, but he doesn’t expect or ask for anything.  What a lesson our government could take from Lyle!  He does it because he likes to and wants to.  He called it a part of his community service when I asked him why he does it, he also said he does it for the kids and coaches. Wow.
So, when you see Lyle next time….thank him….or better yet, slip him something for gas….you know, that pay it forward thing? (He'd die if he knew I printed that!)  The Unsung Volunteer……I just “sung” for you Lyle because I think people need to look around and see the many volunteers and people who support our community in ways that are often overlooked.  So Lyle, Thank you!  And your next Starbucks is on me.    :-)

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