Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Above and Beyond

Every now and then, you meet a person whose dedication to community service is one that is worn with pride in all they do.  I’ve a friend who serves on the volunteer Fire Dept of our small sleepy town and also responds with the EMS.  She is a jem of a person.

When an infection mimicked heart-attack like symptoms for me and I had my first ever 911 call for my medical situation, my husband was at work, it was early morning and my daughter placed the call.  My friend was on the response team – and it was such a reassurance to have her there, I can’t put to words the support she has given me over the years.  Her daughter and my daughter are good friends, attend Youth together, etc.  She is a rock of a person, and while I was taken away on a stretcher to the hospital – she stayed and took care of my kids.  Talk about above and beyond.  She even took them to church, as it was an early Sunday morning and fed them.  She is a hero made lady with a service heart.

Late last year, in an effort to find something that C and I could do together – a mother/daughter bonding thing, we started doing each “our own thing” – C made paintings and I make jewelry.  C would help me find words, scriptures that I’d use in my jewelry making as well.  She is also a “ringer” in she rings up my charms along with my husband.  She didn’t really follow through on her paintings, so it ended up me with jewelry.  Well, I’d signed us up for our first craft show before Christmas – but at the time it rolled around, she was in the hospital and I solo’d it.  The weather was horrible and the turn out mediocre at best.  So, with her home now, we did a ladies event in a larger town with good success and this weekend we’ll tackle a Flea Market/Craft Show in a town about 40 minutes away.  Private orders have kept me busy too.  I do the metal stamping and glass pendants along with custom orders to meet the needs of what people are looking for.  It has been fun.  Challenging, as I recently finished a necklace for a lady with 19 kids!  C got on board with her art class and stamped us T-shirts which was cool.

Back to my Firefighting / EMS friend – I made her this….just because 
As I recalled her stepping in, going above and beyond as a friend and worker in my time of need I just want to publicly express to her my many thanks.  She has been a listening ear many a time, and I thank God for placing her in my life path. She has not judged me in my imperfections of motherhood and been a superior support in all we've been through and continue to go through in the ride of mental health for our daughter. She is a place of respite and welcome that rises above....because that is just how she rolls.

Thank you Susan.

PS – if you want to see our creations – look us up on facebook at:  https://www.facebook.com/QuirkyQraftsByTwo/?ref=hl  we ship too!  J

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