Friday, February 1, 2013

Eggs in My Nest

Our eggs did not come from inside me nor created by us, they are a gift from God, given in His timing.  He asked us to sit on these eggs until they hatch.  Until they are given the wings to fly in this place we exist or until their wings cannot lift them anymore or He reclaims the gift.   We cherish our eggs and sit patiently, awaiting God’s timing in our lives no matter how difficult that proves to be.   
These special eggs are ours for a reason.  He chose them for us.  We watch over them from predators and things in life wanting to destroy their preciousness.  They’ve lived a peril filled existence to get to us – so we guard them carefully.  Nurturing in warmth, love and acceptance while striving to see help them hatch, grow and fly.
So this symbol is my reminder. 
It is my hope of God’s gift fulfilled for generations ahead to be changed in a new direction.  It is my labor of love. My angst and my pain.  My joy and my bliss. My blessings and my duty.
So don’t mess with my eggs.

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