Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Farting Prayer

Circa: 1982
Ok – another “story” from the past that I need to pen. Don’t know why, but God has been placing this memory with me for some time – so I’m penning it into release.

When I was young – very young, (see pic above?)  I did Mennonite Voluntary Service in a remote KS town working in a child care center for low income families. I loved it – was the most growing year of my life….I could blog for days on it. When I returned home to Canada my middle brother was worried about me “reintegrating” back to regular society – so he paid for me to attend Bible College with him in a small rural Manitoba town. No joke, gave me a full ride – love him for that. While his funds dwindled, I dropped out after at semester end (Christmas break) – as I was then engaged to my now hubby and needed a job to earn money for a wedding ….ok, losing my path.

When I was at the Bible College with Gary, a local youth group leader was talking to me about my time in Mennonite Voluntary Service and asked if I’d come share my “story” with their youth group one evening. I said yes.

Gary let me use his Ford 3 speed truck with the shifting on the column and I ground my way to the church some miles from the Bible College. I shared with the youth group, showed my photo album and had a good time talking about my God –Life changing year. We sat in a circle on wooden chairs. They asked me to close in prayer, and I began to pray a closing.

Maybe it was stress, maybe it was bad College food – but I had gas and was trying to just get through the prayer when I actually paused – mid prayer – and a fart snuck out – then withholding giggles, I prayed on. Oh, I looked up, no one had even flinched, no one looked up at me, no one laughed……I was bright red with embarrassment withholding the desire to laugh out loud yet quickly went on with my prayer, praying longer in hopes that when I was done they’d be asleep or have amnesia about the fart that I thought had sonic proportions or think it was someone else….but they knew…..they knew…they HAD to know.

After goodbyes (which couldn’t have been soon enough), I went to the truck, got in, laid my head on the steering wheel and laughed and laughed and laughed……I think only having brothers may have corrupted me in a way other “ladies” wouldn’t understand.

This is one of many embarrassing moments in my life that I will never forget. It still makes me smile with wonder and slight embarrassment to remember it. Now you know….I’m so very human.

What is your most embarrassing moment?


They call me "Deb" said...

oh my... I need a kleenex from laughing so hard!
You sound so much like my sister and I acted when we were young. Val this is hysterical!!!
My most embarrassing moment... boy... I've had so many that I'll have to think on it and choose one and get back with you. For now, I have to go get a kleenex! haee hee

Dee said...

:D Oh the good old memories..thanks for sharing and putting a laugh into my day. You still look the same as in your picture, pretty! Just have to tell ya about Franks chili. I take my time going to Wendys then fly home. :)

Rose said...

Oh how funny! Not so much when it happened perhaps but wow that is too funny. I admire your ability to keep a straight face. I would not have been able to.

beckymc said...

Val, that is hysterical thank you for sharing with us! LOL!!!

Frizzy said...

Oh MAN! I would not have been able to finish that prayer let alone keep myself from laughing. Nobody said a word? I wonder what their nicname for you is if they spoke about it the next week. Sorry, can you imagine? You are a good woman and I know God will reward you for this. Love ya!

angelonwheels said...

You are so brave to share that lol. I have so many moments of embrassment. Some fun some not. Thank you for sharing!

Glenda, saved by grace said...

THAT was funny. I resemble those remarks...

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