Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Heart of a Giver

The Heart of a Giver
This past month was Mission Harvest Festival in church.  We usually pick a charity to donate to outside of our normal budget and get in a mission speaker as well.  We had John and Elaine Ratzlaff share about their passion for “Lifeline for Haiti” and the work they’ve done with them.  They are a non-profit organization benefiting children in an orphanage in Haiti.  Their stories and photos were moving.  We as a congregation share a fellowship meal as well.  When it was over, my son Tobias leaned over to me and said “some day I want to go there and help those people.”  It moved me to tears. 
Tobias has the heart of a servant.  He is a giver.  Someday I know he’ll do great things, great in the sense of growing God’s world and making it a better place in some way that he’ll be led.  It excites me when I see the spontaneous desire in him to be called, to serve.  
He is my helper at home too, doing what I ask without argument 99% of the time, being the first to volunteer and pitch right in, even when it isn’t a pleasant job.  He does this with a cheerful heart.  Now don’t think I’m putting him on a pedestal…he is a normal 13 yr old boy who makes rash poor choices in life as well….and learns from them most of the time. 
Are you a giver?  Do you recognize giver’s around you?  Don’t we all seem to know who is generous and who isn’t?  I can drive a hard bargain but I can also fold over like a limp noodle quickly when moved.  As a parent sometimes I’m trying to hold the line and then I totally cave into the moment and release with grace. 

So I’ll continue to nurture Tobias in his walk with the Lord, praying for his safety and that his path leads him to continue to be the heart of a giver like he is now.


They call me "Deb" said...

Ohhhh.... What a sweet and tender heart Tobias has. May the Lord take him far and do great things with him as he follows his tender heart.

Dee said...

Livng in your house hold I am sure Tobias has a wonderful life of serving the Lord ahead of him :)

Frizzy said...

What an amazing young man. I can't wait to see all the wonderful things he does. Good job mom!

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