Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Dying Wish

My dear, lovely mother-in-law passed away from cancer this week at the wonderful age of 91 years young.  She was a gem and family anchor that valued her legacy of 7 children she gave birth to and many in-laws, grandchildren and great grandchildren.  My adopted children were blessed to call her Grandma and be on the receiving end of green beans, many quilts along with specially hand chosen books every year for Christmas to name a few.  She was a warm hug full of acceptance in a world of hurt that healed the hearts of my children.  She had their utmost respect and they’d bend over backwards to do what she asked of them. 

With her cancer growing and a family meeting formed to ask her what her goals were at this point….she had only one wish, that my son return home to the family as he’d departed ways from us in anger months ago.  This, was her last wish.  Before she passed away, he had the chance to tell her he’d moved home and he loved her….  I’m blessed we lived near  and all my children had the opportunity to tell her one last time they loved her as God called her home to her heavenly family reunion.

My youngest shows the suffering of grief the most, as the rest of us work to hold our tears and grieve in different ways – she cries and doesn’t want to go to the funeral next week, but wants to attend the graveside service only….my heart hurts for her pain and to honor her Grandma, she will be there…. despite her tears of sadness, she will be there for Grandma….
Just 14 weeks ago we lost Grandpa too, so this is a hard year for my husband to lose both his parents and my children their beloved grandparents.  We’ve lived in the same town as them, so we received many perks like the Saturday morning calls to come fetch some cinnamon rolls which a bike rolled out quickly to go get…..mowing for Grandpa and him sitting on the front porch to make sure they did a good job, paying them well for the job and many more memories abound.  So much to grieve and miss of two lives that made a difference.

This picture – it speaks volumes... 
My oldest is holding Grandma’s hand while saying goodbye to Grandpa in the church – that is his character of support.  My sons loved her longer than the girls, had more memories and blessings from this time.  I’m so glad God gave them such awesome grandparents that as time goes by, those moldings of life will continue with them.
2016 has been a hard year…. I’m ready for 2017…. but first we have some tough days ahead as we honor her with a funeral filled with love and respect for a journey well lived and a legacy left.

2 Timothy 4:7  “I have fought the good fight. I have finished the race.  I have kept the faith.”

Her legacy to us.

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