Monday, December 8, 2008

Hub Bub

Hub bub – bub hub……hub bub.

Yup – the holidays are a hub bub of action. While I guard myself not to get “consumed” with the gift buying, decorating, programs, etc etc – I find if I can “organize” things EARLY (yes I shop in July!), then it eases some of the craziness so when friends are RUNNING all over doing this, getting this – I like to SLOOOOWWW ITTTT right down and enjoy the season. This year was a tougher start but this week I’ll hopefully achieve the “slow down” part more.

Last night my one buddy and I attended an annual Dillards special customer event – we love going. The employees walk around with a trays of Godiva chocolates you can munch off of, have a brass quartet in the women’s dept, food buffet in mens, pianist in linens, samples in kitchenware, free gift wrapping, employees all wear formals….very fun event and a good time to be with a friend…..can’t remember how many years we’ve been doing this! We’ve even been dropped from the store list but we call in and get put back on yearly!

We got the tree up this past weekend too and the “little one” explores it but does well. When we drive and look at lights we’ve taught the boys to go “oooohhh aaahhh” when we see a nice light display…Soph is doing it now too – soo cute!

One tradition we do (pending no one is throwing up or having chicken pox!) is we invite some close friends over for food and fellowship. Children included we’ll be 21 this Saturday and I so look forward to doing this and enjoying friends in this way. (I’ll post pics if I remember to pick up the camera in the crazy fun that evening brings)

Here is a picture of the Sunday crew and one that Tobias took. The little one doesn’t sit still much! Sunday was the “all choirs” program and the boys sang – very festive way to get into the season. Music is a big part of getting into the spirit as my Opa was very musical and we’d sing the old German songs – sometimes when we sing a song in church it reminds me of the ones we’d sing in German and I find myself singing the German words in my head. It is easy to start new traditions too – as children have helped us create new ones and they count on doing them again and again. Traditions, whatever they are, define our holidays very often – so long as we don’t forget the real true reason for the season – Jesus’ birth

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