Monday, October 12, 2009

Dance upon a falling star

Courtney has been playing volleyball. She loves the social aspect, but to be honest….isn‘t very coordinated. She is young and time can change that especially if she enjoys it. But she doesn’t. She cringes when the ball comes near her, actually ducks from it and complains about it hurting when she bumps it. Her serves – they barely go over. Being a volleyball lover who played for many years – this has been painful to watch. I want her to try different things to “find her groove.” She takes piano, has done swim lessons (because she didn’t know how to swim), etc. She’ll do the basketball clinic to “test” her ability and see if she enjoys it – but she is already saying she just wants to do dance and cheer.

So I enrolled her in a short dance clinic that performed at a football half time home game. Oh my goodness. She loved it… made me realize that just finding something she enjoyed and would bring her happiness was all I really wanted for her. So I quickly got her into a local dance class that had already started…..she is one happy leotard wearing gal. I smile when she smiles. Isn’t that what Mom’s do?

This little one – she smiles a lot and makes us ALL smile a lot too!

So, may your week be one in which you find your groove to “Laugh, Dance and Sing."


Rose said...

Bless her heart, it is good that she found what makes her happy and that she enjoys! She is a real cutie!

Glenda, saved by grace said...

And what a pretty little dancer she is!
Wont be long before Sophia wants to join her.

Dee said...

What a beautiful little girl she is. The dance recitals are so much fun.I am happy for you she wants to dance and i agree with Glenda that Sophia will soon join her. Both girls photograph so nicely. Be proud proud.:)

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