Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Shaving Cream Lesson of Life

Kris came over today to “play” with Sophia in shaving cream.
The first look on Soph’s face was “uh uh, not too sure about this.” She took come coaxing to get her fingers into it. Still, the look was of concentration trying to process what was the deal here.

Then, “I’ll get a little more involved with this.”

Then, “This is kind of fun, oops Mom, got something on my shirt!”

Then, “I like this!”

Then, “Up to my elbows in it!”

Then, there was the clean up – shaving cream play done.

As I watched her process her apprehension yet curiosity into exploration and fun she’s made me reflect on my brother Jim’s passing away and how his brain cancer affected his walk of life. He had the same shocked experience with discovery in the beginning, then the involvement of treatment and while it was not “fun” to have brain cancer, Jim did find the fun in his life despite cancer. One of the things so many people shared about Jim at the sharing night was his positive attitude and the humor he maintained during the struggle, especially towards the end.

That sticks with me….like shaving cream on the fingers gluing them together.

I’m forever changed from the far distance of experiencing a brother with cancer who passes away too young, with so many missed future events that we wanted him to be there for….his children’s wedding(s), grandchildren, retirement and the continued love of his wife and family. But his shaving cream time was done…..clean up and live on…..he’s in heaven now, watching us all, reunited with grandparents, aunts , uncles, cousins, friends ….but I’m still here, still missing him in my heart.

Grieving still.

Then, there will be a time we will be reunited….until then; I know he’d want me to keep playing in shaving cream.  I can hear his luaghter....

Proverbs 24:32  I applied my heart to what I observed and learned a lesson from what I saw.  

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