Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Getting it off my chest....

I need to get this off my chest.  So be warned….

Easter Sunday before the service began I headed to the bathroom for a wardrobe malfunction adjustment and a gal who comes to our church once in a while exited a side door, I didn’t greet her in my haste to take care of my issue.  After a wonderful Easter service filled with music and the message of salvation given to us with forgiveness for our sins, this gal right away came to me and verbally attacked me in the church sanctuary – saying very hateful things, all starting because I didn’t’ say “hi” to her when I headed to the bathroom.  I was taken aback at the assault.  As I’ve relived this over and over and digested her works, what makes me sad is how Satan used her to deliver a message of hate. I think how during that worshipful service she was stewing and planning her attack on me as she directly came to deliver her unkind words.  She did this in front of my daughter no less.  I’m having a hard time finding any forgiveness in my heart.    I’ve some work to do.
As I have been hurt and angered by this experience, a close friend I confided in, told me it was Satan at work. That took me back and made me realize even in my own church I’ve attended 28 years Satan is still attacking.  I usually don't think this way.  We are not even safe to let our guard down in the Lord’s house.  Satan sows his seeds of hate when he can, dividing people and causing messes all over the place. There is an active “Hate Val” club growing in my church – seriously!  This gal doesn’t know me or my heart….she doesn’t even cross paths with me in my daily walk.  I am not perfect and I sin too….so why the attack?  Does she feel better for telling me off?   She was “set off” from me not saying “hi?” I know from her rantings the issue is bigger than that.  Sheesh.
My initial response was – I’m done, I’m leaving this church.  But then I stop and see the love and support I DO have from good people, brothers and sisters in Christ that I value soo much. I also know my children are aware of this and watching.  Teaching them to run from problems won’t help them in life. The people in our church that are there, Sunday after Sunday – faithful in their Christian walk are who uplift me.  No church is perfect.  There will be hateful, mean, pscho people in other churches too.  We have friends and faith family here.  So I will NOT let Satan rob that from me – he would be happy if I picked up and ran away….that would be his victory in sin.  So I hold my head up and do the best I can with the Lord’s help.  I will continue to breath – more cautiously obviously, but live my life to the best of my ability with the Lord’s guidance. Continuing to be active with my family in church.

This week as Boston suffers from an act of violence at their marathon event and all over the world we continue to see Satan doing his thing.  Binding together as Christians in this world is what we need, more love and less hate. 
I found this quote:
 My work it cut out for me…

Dear Lord, give me strength and clear vision with a forgiving heart.


Ma said...

These things always catch us off guard don't they? I love the quotes you put in this post.

The best thing we can do is love and ask for grace to do so. I imagine this woman had her own issues cooking and you are just where the steam came out.

Washer Mom Val said...

Thank you Ma.

Dee said...

She took out anger and hurt on you because you were there...it could have been anyone. It is like an unexpected punch in the nose...it will be red and swollen for awhile but will eventually heal...this poor girl will not heal as quickly. I am sorry this happened to you...:(

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