Saturday, July 27, 2013

Little Cabin in the Woods

Little cabin in the woods
Little man by the window stood
Saw a rabbit hopping by
Knocking at his door
Help me Help me the rabbit said!
Or the hunter will shoot me dead
Come little rabbit, come inside,
Safely to abide.
This past week we were at our “little cabin in the woods” in Colorado.  Love to visit that state!
We did our annual soul restoration at a family camp, with good food, fellowship, hiking, sleeping, resting, reading, playing, singing……lifting glory to the Lord.  We have done this camp for years.  I keep thinking we should visit other parts of the U.S. or Canada….but Colorado it is.
The trees sway in a gentle breeze, sometimes I think they are voices of the Holy Spirit speaking to me, soothing me, filling my cup back up, directing my future in a way I don’t understand.  The smell is that only mountains and trees can evoke….not something the Kansas prairie gives us.  

Anthony has been obsessed with a rabbit in our yard at home.  So this old folk tune turned camp song was singing in my head in Colorado – bringing my worlds together.  He has chased and chased that poor bunny.  Set up traps to no avail.  He tells me he wants it for his pet – isn’t going to happen.  A boy thing – chasing rabbits. Then he was like “if I get all A’s the first 9 weeks will you let me get a rabbit?”  Hmmmm – given track record data – I said “sure.”  Mixed – love it if he shows me up with all A’s end of first 9 weeks – but not really wanting a rabbit…..stay tuned I guess!

I love my family!


T.J. Ellis said...

this post is so full of joy! Thanks for sharing V/al

Dee said...

UH may need to be thinking rabbit pen LOL

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