Friday, November 10, 2017


Sometimes, strength is gently
letting go of things and watching
them float away in the wind.   The Better Man Project

We've released two of our children - so many emotions.  But, it is a good thing.  It is a needed thing.  We pray they fly......float on down and be well.

And with this adjustment comes some peace, finding once again ourselves lost in the layers we've held to for our sanity and safe keeping.  Giving back 10 fold to the two yet in the home,  finding a joy within that can come out to play now, that was held so close.  Learning to laugh again so hard that it feels foreign and to know it is a good thing for it's return.

As I sat listening to the newest pianist play the keys in the house, a sense of contentment filled long it lasts, it floats away with every new challenge that rises, but I tasted my old friend and welcome it back.  I know it will return again.  It is still there, waiting as the waters rise and we go again.

Ah, life...swift and strong we move along.  Around and round we go....
We cling to the things
That make us bleed
Because we'd rather
Feel the pain
In the familiar
Than the peace
In the unknown.

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