Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Up from a 6 year old

“Up” from a 6 year old.
 Sophia stands in front of me and says “up” with her arms stretched upward when she wants to be picked up.   She has turned 6. She has grown. I can’t pick her up anymore. I simply say, “lets go sit down and I’ll hold you” and we do.
Time changes, while in my heart she will always be my little girl – she is growing up. It wasn’t so long ago I could still scoop her up. So that is sad and happy for me. Sometimes Steve can still hold her, but for less time than before and on vacation she gleaned some piggy back rides.
I see this girl and cherish the times I can still sit and hold her, hug her and kiss her. She remains the glue that bonds us all and while we have those “tantrum” times, she is so in the realm of loved by all in our house, it amazes me what the older teens will do for her. She adores them, they adore her. Mutual. To watch a 16 year old boy watching “My Little Pony” because she asks him to, is the cutest thing. She can get them to play too that is so touching to watch. Memory games or puzzles or babies – it doesn’t matter as they speak the language of love through their actions. 
She is growing up too fast and having teens with teen "mouths" is a challenge when things get repeated…like the other day at breakfast her spoon was just too sexy. OK…..who even taught her the word sexy?   She didn’t know what it meant, but it won’t be long.
Balance – trying to find that and hold it.
God probably sees us doing the same thing, asking for “up”when we need to get past our infant Christian walk and take a stronger walk that we are called to. Growth – it is a good thing.
Let us all keep growing...

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Dee said...

She is truly a treasure....♥

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