Monday, November 3, 2008

Shakin' it!

I survived Monday – at least thus far! My friend decided we needed to attack our fat rolls – so off we went to a “Zumba” thing. I don’t know how to describe it other than I felt (more like looked) like Steve Martin in the “Jerk” when he was trying to have rhythm on the front porch with his black family! Lets say it showed I haven’t danced much in my life – at least outwardly (I dance inward much more!). I think our instructor used to be some Latin movie star with her tight muscles and moves – almost made me close my eyes a few times as I had visions of her dancing with a pole! That or the woman missed the turn off for "Dancing with the Stars." Sheesh…..if I could move like her my husband would be very impressed! Deb made me promise to go back again….so we’ll see if this ol’ woman can learn to shake it up and shake it off! Wish me luck!

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