Monday, March 12, 2012

Before and After - Braces!

These were her teeth BEFORE:
 These are her teeth AFTER:  
 Late summer of 2009 these metal train tracks appeared on her teeth for seriously medically necessary reasons, working constantly and quietly to straighten,straighten and straighten some more.  Banding, bite adjusting, saving gum tissue and teeth that may have had to be pulled…..phew, the journey has evolved a beautiful girls’ smile into a whole new realm!  Lovely! 
She has endured me not allowing gum, hard carrots or hard/sticky candy and popcorn… we’ll celebrate with a Popcorn party!!!!  Yahoo   Those Damon braces did a great job.  Next set can be her expense!  Hopefully not needed…..
She was so excited at the possibility of getting them off a few weeks ago – then delays, more banding and she said to me “I’m not going to believe them anymore.”  Another let down as hopes were dashed…but today is a new day….a new outcome!
Tobias had braces too – with less drama through the whole experience – but the same result of beautiful straight teeth making his smile pop as hers does now.  A journeys reward that shows perseverance of time. 
I pray her soul and spirit continue to undergo their “braces” of change as she sees the good results in a life well lived through the gift of salvation some day, the gift of adoption, the gift of second chances, the gift of a new family that loves her deeply and only wants the best for her.  So we’ll continue with our invisible braces of life, straightening our path, guiding us to what we hope will be viewed in the same passionate way as a good thing. 
Teach me your way, LORD; lead me in a straight path…  Psalm 27:11


Frizzy said...

Yeah! Such a wonderful day for sure. Candy, popcorn and carrot party! WAHOOOOO!

I remember how it felt getting mine off. My teeth felt so smoothe and slippery. If only they looked that good now. My wisdom teeth came in and ruined them! Dang dentist/orthodontist swore I didn't have any. He couldn't have been more wrong.

Becky said...

She looks beautiful!!! You are doing such a good thing with her Val. All my love and prayers still offered for your precious daughter!

Dee said...

She will always have a grateful heart to you for enhancing her beautiful smile. It may not show up till after the teen years...but it will.:)

mikesingle2000 said...

wow some amazing before and after braces photos! It definitely gives us some encouragement!

JiPoshy said...

What a difference. Such an inspirational story. Thank you for sharing.

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