Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Not a Pleasant Post...

WARNING: This isn’t a pleasant post. This is about the bodily function of gas that emits from young boys followed by extreme laughter.
As a Mom, I’m tired of it! Seriously, sun up to sun down – I don’t like the smell! I’ve actually zoned the main living area and kitchen as zones it isn’t allowed in! Call me a mean Mom but really……I value normal air zones! So….I’m assigning a page of lines for every time someone pollutes my air space. They can take it down stairs to a bathroom or their room if they feel it coming on….just saying, and use the air spray please!
I will survive the teen years, yes I will – but I have my limits on air space! J 
Yes, I’m a hypocrite….from the prior blog of the farting prayer gal…. http://rocksinthewasher.blogspot.com/2009/11/farting-prayer.html I get why they laugh…somehow it is just easier to smell one’s own then others. Any advice for this Mom on what you do in your home? Sheesh. It just isn’t the boys either, the girls too but they aren’t as enjoying of the pain it causes others….well sometimes they are. 
Not to mention a news headliner: Farting Cows make Barn Explode!

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Dee said...

LOL...wish I could help...I did see an add for underwear that had a path in them for reducing fart odor....LOL

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