Friday, February 6, 2009

It's Friday

It’s Friday and the weekend begins – ohhhh happy dance!
Friday evening – let it go….

  • Jewelry party at a friends (love that Silpada. Visit
  • Kids playing outside until sunset.
  • Laundry to do….laundry to do…or not.
  • Bathe kids and into bed….later bedtime than during the week.
  • Kids in bed – a little blogging, a little Facebook, a little movie with hubby, a little snuggle….ok you don’t need to know the rest!

    Sigh – life is good! I’m “upright” in heart!
    Psalm 32:11 (New International Version)
    Rejoice in the LORD and be glad, you righteous; sing, all you who are upright in heart
    Sophia is "upright" in her basket of books!

1 comment:

Dee said...

***Hi Val, I left you a blog gift on my Saturday blog*** Please come by to pick it up (copy and paste)
I love the term-"Upright in Heart" I will have to jot that one down. Dee

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