Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Kindness of Neighbors

A good spring snow has hit us here in KS. Whopper drifts, heavy, deep and wet snow. The kids loved it – school let out a little early on Friday, as the storm was moving in. Saturday, the sun came out and so did all the neighbors and their kiddos – working to clear driveways. It was hard work – one neighbor who farms brought in a JD tractor and did his right away and went on to his rentals and others I’m sure.

But our kind Mr Brown neighbor cleared our drive for us and those of a few others too. Didn’t want anything for it – I love folks like that who help others out of the goodness of their hearts. Pay it forward. It was just yesterday that I did a random act of kindness….is this God already paying me back? I didn’t expect payback – isn’t it wonderful when it happens. So for his gas expense, I asked him to take some money and clear another neighbors whose husband has health challenges and she is a busy mom of two. He didn’t want the money but in my convincing way he took it and said he’d pass it on. Then he did, to some youngin’s who were helping clear some other peoples drives.

Giving and receiving – such joys. I know in Fargo there is a lot of good will helping going as the flood waters rise and I’m extra grateful for the time we had up north with clear passage through Fargo ND as we traveled. Now I’ll pray that my parents don’t flood like they did in 1997 and that the good will of others will help them as their time of trial by flood comes again. Pay it forward…God calls us to do this.


Dee said...

Wow!I have been hearing the weather reports on the news and you are getting hit hard. Enjoy the flakes but be careful. :-) Today we have a wintry mix with the snow North of us.It is our normal Michigan Spring. Val, I love the pay forward opportunities God places in our lives and look forward to the next one. As for me i am beginning to feel a little better. I have a doctor appointment on Wed. and will have more x-rays. Hopefully this pneumonia is gone. Stay safe and stay warm. Dee

angelonwheels said...


What a sight to see Val! You are right we should give because we are in Christ, and he gave us his all!

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