Thursday, August 13, 2009

Canada ~ and back…

We did a whirlwind trip to Canada to visit family; take in my BFF’s wedding and let my family meet Courtney! Was quick – but very good. Jim is losing mobility – that is hard, yet he remains SOOO upbeat. Touching – he gave us siblings letters he’d written to each of us. Was hard. His goal is to make it to Christmas, yet he said he thought that was the last time we’d see him alive…..hard. God holds him gently in his hands – the blessing is he doesn’t have pain. My heart aches and yet I think how fortunate I am to have Jim as a brother all my life! I think of Courtney who like a band-aid has had her birth family ripped from her and I know the pain and memories don’t fade fast. While her situation is different it holds the same pain as I remember the night she told me her heart was broken in a million pieces….I feel the same way when Jim talks about his end of life. I know her heart is healing slowly as mine will. I am grateful to God for all the hugs and time we’ve had to say the words “I love you.” Take each day and say those words to the ones around you as we know not what God has planned for tomorrow.

Canola fields (aka rape see, mustard seed) bloomed all over – this view from my parent’s front yard….love it. Dad is doing amazingly better that we thought given his spring brush with death. He enjoys his golf cart and putzing around the farm in it.
He took the grandkids “frog” hunting by the pond and full ditches… did my brother Gary and anyone who’d go with them! Muddy shoes and socks are the price to pay for supreme happiness in the hippity hoppy critters they caught. There is no explaining the therapy of catching frogs at Grandpa and Grandma’s farm……hours could be billed for the best therapist in the world, but the simply act of catching frogs to put in a 5 gallon bucket frees the heart, mind and soul more than you know – so next time you are feeling low – go catch a frog or two – works best if you take a friend or relative along!

**Thanks Uncle Gary for the frog catching outings!


Dee said...

I am sorry this lousy thing had to happen to your brother and his family...i am glad he is not in pain. It sounds like the Lord is preparing him. Courtney will be fine with all the prayers and support surrounding her. You may have a few tough years as she heals from her pain. Mother hood is your ministry.:) I just want to let you know i will be sending you something in the mail this week...i promise it won't bite. Dee

beckymc said...

Val, I am sorry to hear about your brother my heart breaks for you as I read about it. I have two brothers whom I love more than I can say so I know how special brother are. memories of him will stay with you forever. He sounds like a wonderful witness to all around him.
Courtney I am sure will have scars she carries for a long time but now she knows and will know forever that she has the love of this her new family. You are a wonderful witness to these children and who knows how they will use their past life hurts to help those who hurt in the future because of the love given by you.

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