Thursday, August 20, 2009

First Day of School

Life doesn't stop here we are on the first day of school. Courtney had her outfit picked out since the weekend! New shoes, backpacks full of fresh school supplies, the excitement in the air is thick....nervous but excited.
See my baby below (all my children are babies!) going off to Jr High....see how BIG the school building is! Yikes it will eat him alive.....this was harder than leaving ANYONE at Kindergarden...the lump is still in my throat! AND he is playing football against his mothers desires....he has been SOOOO happy every day this week after football practise it is like "cheer down boy." They grow up fast....Sophia had to get in the action - she likes to say "cheese" now.

Day end and we all survived....see how Day 2 goes!

No homework yet so life is good!


Dee said...

I remember the excitement of my kids first day of school, new clothes, pencils, notebooks, meeting old and new friends. I miss those days, especially now that my littles ones are way into their 30's. Thanks for sharing :0)

beckymc said...

Oh my middle school that is scarry.
Glad they all like school that helps

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