Friday, October 31, 2008

Ghostly Boo's of old...

OK – I went “outside of my box” and dressed up this year. My bud and dearest friend Dawn joined me as she does most years – helping with the kiddos outfits and make up. Dawn and I lunch weekly (we work in different towns so this takes coordination) and plan our outfits for the guys yearly. She has a Theatre degree and that comes in handy with wigs, makeup, etc.

So – Anthony my Caveman (not the Geico one!) and Tobias is the Salty Sea Captain. Sophia and I took the Royalty route.

Every year the Fireman’s Ball is held at the grade school. They judge costumes, give kids hot dogs / pop and when the kiddos leave they get a large candy bar. It is a safe, clean, warm environment that allows the boys to see their friends – ooh and ahh over creativity. We’ve been in the top three with the boys for a few years running – so the standard has been set. This year Anthony placed 1st in his age division and Tobias won first too! Sophie won 2nd for her 2nd year as well. Dawn and I – well – we had fun! We might be a little bit competitive – but we love it!

Afterwards we rush home to hand out large candy bars (Steve’s idea as of last year. He told me: “remember when you were a kid and you’d go to the house that gave out a large candy bar & how cool that was? Let’s be that cool house!) to about 132 kids this year– we shut the lights off and are done for another year. Phew – what fun though and I know some people think Halloween is evil and stuff – like anything, it can be what you make it and for us it is clean family fun – with just a tad too much sugar! So until next year ……..BOO and good night!


beckymc said...

The costumes are great! Glad y'al had fun.

lookuptoday said...

(((applause-applause-applause)))Wonderful costumes and lot's of good memories for the kids. Sophie is so pretty in purple. Have a good weekend,Dee

angelonwheels said...

Adorable!!!!! Thanks so much for posting pics for your readers!

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