Thursday, October 2, 2008

Spit Up In My Life

I went to work the other day – it was a wonderful morning riding on a JD Gator with a client on a clear Kansas day – refreshing coolness of the morning - the experience made me smile all the way into the office on my commute. Later when I arrived at my office, I noticed “spit up” on my jean jacket which no doubt came from my beloved daughter! It made me smile but also made me think of some of the “spit up” in my life lately and how it burdens me. Sometimes there are things in us that we don’t see – it takes others to point out the “spit up” within us. We aren’t happy with that “spit up” but it might be a part of who we are and I am encouraged when I know I can wash it off – just like my jacket can be washed, Jesus washes me when I ask for forgiveness. “Lord, please forgive me for when I’ve hurt others through random words unaware of how they may hurt. Tame my tongue and teach me to be aware of the different people in my life – adjusting for them so as not to cause any pain, even unintentionally. Amen”
~Oh be careful little tongue what you say, Oh be careful little tongue what you say. For the Father up above is watching down in love Oh be careful little tongue what you say. ~

1 comment:

judy said...

Simple but oh so true!!!

Thank GOD HE washes our 'spit' away.....and all the rest of the junk.

God bless you today. :)

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